Success stories



A large industrial company, with ambitious Recurring Cost reduction plans is willing to strengthen its controlling through advanced solutions. The objectives were to propose a bottom up projection of recurring costs accounting for job cards and RC reduction projects pipeline, and to allow deep diving in available data to identify gains delivery delays


  • Detailed job cards, actuals and procurement databases representing millions of items with detailed labor time breakdown by cost center and material costs
  • Information sourced directly from SaP source system
  • Full processing in Python (open source)


  • Interviews and deep dives to understand the existing methodology, combining an access database and multiple excel files with heavy manual checks processing
  • Identification of improvement levers and additional functionalities (comparison of job cards to actuals, deep dive)
  • Developments of a software in Python with a dedicated interface. Results files accessible either in excel or through a Power BI dashboard, allowing more interactivity
  • Solution delivered to the client controlling team


  • Financial template execution time reduced from several weeks to a few hours, including advanced deep dive functionalities for controlling teams
  • Start with an agile executable installed on a laptop to iterate with key user’s in an agile mode. Plan migration to a fully integrated architecture once functionalities and data flows are stabilized