Success Stories

Success Stories


We deliver high impact AI softwares for industry leaders (Airbus, Renault, Safran, etc). Our internal lab has been developing next generation 3D morphology algorithms, focused NLP models and a innovative platform to accelerate softwares development.

Material Optimization

D3S team has developed optimization algorithms to nest parts from 3D models, and reduce material consumption. Our models run massively on thousands of parts. They save natural ressources, reduces costs and carbon footprint.

Industrial NLP

A focused transformer based-AI to measure similarities between quality issues observed on production lines. It supports root causes eradication through fast classification, nearest neighbors identification and hidden reoccurence pattern detection.

Logistic carbon

D3S team delivered a software to analyze logistic flows, compute the cost (CO2 and financial) and run optimized scenarios. It is currently used by a large industrial company in the aeronautic sector.

Credit Risk AI

A CAC40 industrial company, with more than 100 000 customers is facing overdue. The predictive solution delivered allows to target cash collection efforts, learning risk patterns from historical behavior and all available features.

Procurement AI

An Artifical Intelligence to reduce General Procurement spend. It was applied to a leader in the aeronautic industry during the COVID crisis. The solution classifies goods and services in robust categories and detects unecessary purchase requests.